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Warning: Problem With "Color Sensor"

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  • Warning: Problem With "Color Sensor"

    Note: I posted this on Android Studio/Java so more people would see this.

    Hello! I am part of the Programming team on Team 8720 "Insert Your Name Here" at Evergreen Middle School. At practice today, we encountered a problem regarding the color sensor. On the Driver Station App, it reported "warning: problem with color sensor." The opmode is still functional but the color sensor does not work. We are unsure where the problem is but is it not with the code because the problem pops up as soon as we connect our Robot Controller Phone to the Expansion Hub. We are using a REV Color/Range Sensor. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Have you tried replacing the color sensor with a new one, or replacing the cable connecting the sensor to the REV hub?
    Captain of Team 7593 TigerBots, NorCal Region


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      You can also get this if you have specified the wrong sensor type in the configuration file. As in you accidentally chose Modern Robotics color sensor instead of Rev Color Distance.


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        You can also try testing the color sensor with your PC using the REV HUB Interface Software
        Mark Hancock
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