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Can't update to Android Studio 3.0.1?

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  • Can't update to Android Studio 3.0.1?

    Greetings from FTC team 10405 Gh0st Knights! I'm the head programmer and I mainly program on Android Studio (Java) and recenty I noticed there was an update for Android Studio and the moment I tried to update I got this message, "A new Android Studio 3.0.1 is available in the stable channel. 3.0.1 offers new functionality, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Native debugging with Android Studio 3.0 no longer works on 32-bit Windows. If you are using 32-bit Windows and you plan to debug native code, you should keep using Android Studio 2.3." Following that message I got in bold, red text, "Studio does not have write access to /Volumes/Android Studio 2.3.3/Android Please run it by a privileged user to update." Please help!