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Opmodes all showing up in TeleOp

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  • Opmodes all showing up in TeleOp

    Hi all,

    Our Opmodes all are showing up in the TeleOp menu, even those that we have "@autonomous" in the code. They run fine, just would like them to show up in the right menu. We've tried copying them from the sample code, commenting out the "@disabled", but even the samples show up in TeleOp. Any suggestions?


    St. Mark Robotics Club

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    I've never heard of this happening. So I need more info.

    How were these created?

    Have you been experimenting with different coding methods? eg Blocks, OnBotJava and/or Android Studio?
    Is it possible you have two versions of the same opmode created using different methods? One may "Hide" the other.

    I suspect that you aren't actually running/seeing the opmode that you think you are (weird I know)

    Can you change the "name" of the opmode as it appears in the Driver Station menu? (use the name="my name" portion of the @autonomous line.

    I would suspect that if you can't change auto/telop mode, then you probably can't change the "Name" either. Is this true?

    Can you cut/paste the first section of your code that has the @ lines. and add them here?


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      Can I see the program please? This is an odd issue.