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What does this error mean?

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  • What does this error mean?

    I saw this in the logs of one of our test devices.
    09-14 18:13:32.892 10002-10002/? E/NEW_BHD: Battery Power Supply logging Daemon start!!!!!
    09-14 18:13:32.893 10002-10002/? E/NEW_BHD: Cannot run on production devices!
    Martin Haeberli
    (de-)Mentor, FTC 7593, TigerBots

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    Google seems to think you are using a Moto G.

    It's not coming from the FTC SDK. It's likely harmless for FIRST purposes.


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      Note that the log is very noisy. It contains spew from everybody unless you enable a filter on it. If you look very closely on every entry, they scared the heck out of you. There are many exceptions, keywords like stop working, failure ... etc. Long ago, I learned to ignore them unless they are from the FTC SDK (e.g. with the RobotCore tag). Even if they are from RobotCore, some of them are benign. In fact, I set a filter only allowing RobotCore and our own tag to show through to reduce clutter. BTW, setting a filter doesn't remove all those entries. If you disable the filter, all the entries come back.