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Heads up - New FTC Software has been released

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  • Heads up - New FTC Software has been released

    Hi Everyone,

    The beta software with an app version number of 1.6 for the FTC Driver Station and Robot Controller apps (built with libraries compiled on 2/9/16) have been released for the MIT App Inventor and Android Studio.

    The App Inventor files can be found on the FTC MIT App Inventor Download page:

    The Android Studio project folder can be found on GitHub:

    The release version of the apps have also been update on Google Play.

    IMPORTANT REMINDER: Make sure the version numbers on your FTC Driver Station and FTC Robot Controller apps match. If your FTC Driver Station app gets auto-updated, you should either upgrade your Robot Controller app or downgrade (and turn off the auto-update feature) your Driver Station app to keep the apps in synch. Similarly, if you update your Android Studio project or MIT App Inventor appliance file with the newest versions, you also need to remember to upgrade your FTC Driver Station app to stay in synch.