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Managing "Configure Robot" from the PC?

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  • Managing "Configure Robot" from the PC?

    Is there any way to manage from a windows PC the XML file stored on the phone that contains the configuration information?
    My fingers are too fat to type on the stupid touch screen and it either auto-corrects to the wrong thing, adds an extra space or launches Google Voice!

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    Go into Settings -> Connect to PC -> Connect as Media (I think that's what it says - I don't have the phone in front of me to verify), then plug the phone into the computer. You should see a popup on your screen and File Explorer should open. There should be a node for the phone, and in the root directory should be a FIRST directory which has all the XML files. I don't see it all the time, though; sometimes I will see a bunch of other folders, but not the FIRST one. When it's there, you can copy the files off the phone to the PC and make changes, then copy them back.
    John McDonnell
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