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Bug in v5.2 that breaks support for web cameras

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  • Bug in v5.2 that breaks support for web cameras

    Hi folks,

    Unfortunately there is a bug with the version 5.2 software that prevents external web cameras from working properly. This problem affects Android Studio, Blocks and OnBot Java users who have v5.2 installed and are using an external camera (particularly Control Hub users).

    Note that this problem does NOT affect users who are using an Android phone and its internal camera.

    Details about this problem can be found here.

    Details about the workaround for this problem can be found here.

    The Tech Team is working to try and isolate the cause of the problem. In the interim, users who wish to use an external webcam should use the workaround to fix their issue.



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    Note that this likely also affects users of OpenRC when building in Stock Mode, because although the other build configurations only include 32-bit libraries, Stock Mode does include the 64-bit libraries. The same workaround for the official SDK should apply to OpenRC Stock Mode.