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USB webcam does not appear during configuration scan

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  • USB webcam does not appear during configuration scan


    Our team faced with an issue that involves USB camera.
    We are using Motorola G4 phones and Logitech c310 webcam.

    When we connect REV board and webcam to the USB hub, configuration scan shows only REV board on a list.

    However, we tested webcam on a PC and through an application for Android and it works perfectly.
    Also, we tried 2 different types of USB hubs and it still does not work. (We did not try Anker USB hub yet)

    If anyone faced the same issue and found the solution - please give an advice.
    Thank you in advance.

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    You need a USB hub, you will need to make sure the phone can see the hub first, then do the scan.

    I am using an insignia USB hub from Bestbuy, I had to connect the phone to the main USB connector and the hub and webcam to the others