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Problem setting up webcam

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  • Problem setting up webcam

    We are trying to set up the Logitech C920 webcam with a REV hub and this powered USB hub:

    We have tried the wires in every combination, but cannot get it to show up on the robot configuration. The REV module doesn't show up either though. The FIRST Blog post about webcams is pretty vague & I don't find much more about it. Our hub does not have the cord shown in the blog where they are attaching the RC. Maybe the one we have is missing a needed port?

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    Do you have 5v supplied to the hub? We


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      Sorry, we have seen this when our 5v supply was not turned on.


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        Yes, we have the 5v battery pack on & have even tried it with it plugged in to AC. I'm thinking this hub might just not work because it is missing that end cable.


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          Does that hub have a 5v in port? We are using and the 5v power goes in the end not one of the standard ports. Otherwise you may have to make a custom power cable.