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  • opencv blob detection

    Has anyone had any luck calibrating the Blob Detection for OpenCV to detect the minerals in the autonomous mode?

    We dug out some old code from the 2015-16 season where we were able to use blob detection to separate blue beacons from pink beacons. But orange and white are not so far apart on the color spectrum as blue and pink. Furthermore the minerals are opaque objects and not self-illuminated like the beacons where. Which means that an 'orange' mineral has many shades of yellows and browns, etc.

    So long story short, having trouble calibrating the algo. Has anyone looked into this?


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    Yes, I created a custom OpenCV pipeline for detecting the mineral that works very well. I'll point you in the right direction: you don't need to bother looking for the silver minerals, and don't use the HSV color space - there are others that work better.


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      We tried using FRC GRIP application to create pipeline and it works well as you can visually adjust all parameters and add filters in pipeline but then we switched to Tensorflow


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        For simplicity and can be used with OnBot


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          Thanks for all the responses everyone. FRC Grip is great! I tried to write something like that a while ago, but this is much better. Really good for the team to get an intuitive understanding of these algos.