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Guitar Hero guitar as controller?

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  • Guitar Hero guitar as controller?

    I was browsing the FTC Reddit the other day and I came across a post that had something to do with controllers. Someone commented something about using a Guitar Hero guitar as controller. Is this legal?


    FTC 8947

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    The game manual is found on firstinspires. There are two different manuals. A direct link to game manual 1 is this -
    Once opened if you use Chrome hit cntrl F to bring up the find text box.
    Type gamepad in the find window.
    Hit the down arrow until you find relevant information.

    In this case it is in more than one place. The fifth hit is in rule RE16

    d. The only allowed gamepads are listed below. They may be used in any combination.
    i. Logitech F310 gamepad (Part# 940-00010)
    ii. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows (Part# 52A-00004)