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Blocks External Webcam initialization

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  • Blocks External Webcam initialization

    We are attempting to use an external usb webcam with a Moto G4 phone. We have added the sample app to our list of executables, but receive the following error message when the app is initialized:

    Warning: Incorrect block plugged into the cameraName socket of the block labeled "call Vuforia..initialized". Expecting CameraName.

    We have no idea what value should be entered and have been unable to find a description that would help. Would someone please let us know what value should be entered, and point us toward a description that would help us use the camera effectively.

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    Plug the websit into the phone and edit your configuration .You'll need to assign the webcam a name there .


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      drohrer2018, can you post a picture of your Vuforia.initialize block?


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        We have successfully configured and run the example app using the external webcam by following the instructions above in combination with those given to FTC12600's question about Webcam Configuration Map "It should show up at the top level, next to the expansion hub portal. You may need a powered hub." The key was to have the webcam plugged in when attempting to edit the configuration. The webcam shows up as with the Rev Hub. Once the configuration is saved the webcam name in the example app is resolved and the example runs.

        Thank you very much for the help.

        The LWA Eagles, FTC 12896


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          drohrer2018, how did you get the camera to popup in the configuration? The camera is plugged in and everything is plugged in right but the camera isn't appearing anywhere in the configuration.