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Motors are running slower in TeleOp then in Autonomous

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    Originally posted by Philbot View Post

    Sorry, posted under team login. FTC2818 = Philbot
    Your secret identity has been revealed
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      Originally posted by Philbot View Post

      Actually I need to modify my answer.... if the load on the arm is very high, and you request Power = 0.1, the actual output power may actually go all the way up to 100%.
      It's the top speed that is limited to 85%. This is so the motor has some extra power to spare if you request top speed, (and there is some extra friction/load to overcome.)

      It's a tricky situation.

      The code knows that it may need extra power overhead to overcome friction etc, so it reduces the range of power (speed) that you can request.

      Personally, I like to know exactly what I'm requesting, so I calculate the top motor speed using the max RPM and Counts per revolution, and then explicitly request the speed I want by using setVelocity() instead of setPower().

      The code does not scale down my request in any way when I do this, so it's up to me to decide how much overhead I want to allow for the actual speed control.
      eg: If it's for autonomous, I know I have a full battery, so I may push the upper limit of the motor speed, but later in teleop I may lower the max speed I request.
      Thanks Philbot. This is very clear explanation of motor mode.