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  • Incompatible apps

    Whenever i get my diver station and robot controller to connect i get a warning saying "Error: incompatible apps: Robot Controller=v11 vs Driver Station=v121" i got both versions from the 4.0 version on GitHub and i cant figure out a solution. ive tried older versions of the driver station but they wont open on my phone. i used android studio to download the Robot controller and ADB to download the driver station apk. help would be very appreciated.

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    If you select About from the robot controller's menu, what does it say the app version and robot wifi protocol versions are?


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      I would say you definitely have an old version of the RC on your phone.
      The App warning you are seeing is for the versions of the Robot Protocol.
      It should be Rev 121 on both phones for 4.x

      It definitely looks like old RC is still installed/running.
      Based on the age of the RC app, I'd recommend uninstalling it FIRST, and then re-installing the new one.


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        If you're upgrading via the GooglePlay Store, I found that when I had the RC app 3.5 on my didn't recognize that it needed to upgrade to app 4.0. I had to physically remove RC 3.5, then RC 4.0 was able to be loaded. This was not true for the DS. With DS 3.5 installed, when I went to the GooglePlay store, it recognized that a newer DS 4.0 existing and thus upgraded DS3.5 to DS 4.0. Thus, as previously mentioned, I would guess your RS app is still at 3.5 while your DS app is at 4.0.