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Android Studio + Chromebooks?

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  • Android Studio + Chromebooks?

    First post here for a brand new FTC coach for a brand new FTC team.

    I see that using chromebooks has come up from time to time here with different types of solutions, but none of them involved the use of chromebooks and android studio. There has apparently been a new development. It looks like you can now use Android Studio on a chromebook.

    It requires "Linux On Chromebooks", which "is only available on Pixelbook in the developer channel while we test and gather feedback before expanding to more devices".

    I was wondering if any teams were trying this out. Being a new team, I don't want to be the only one doing something this new.


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    "Official" AS support for Chromebooks may be limited to the Pixelbook, but have you taken a look over here?


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      That is pretty cool (REALLY cool, in fact. I like the thought of being able to debug on the chromebook itself), but that seems like a pretty complicated environment, with even less support than the system in the OP, for "production" work.