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Op modes not showing up possible fix

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  • Op modes not showing up possible fix

    Many teams are running into the problem that their phones get stuck where they can see a ping, but no voltage sensors or op modes on their driver station. On the robot controller, the status is initializing, starting robot, but it never leaves that status. From what we've found, we think it is a checksum error and it is caused by error memory becoming too full causing nothing to initialize. The only way we've found to fix this is by restarting the robot controller phone so we are going to restart it between every match from now on. If anybody else has any ideas on what this is, please let me know.

    FTC 9794

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    The few times we've seen this happen, we have done this:

    1) Click the button on the Android phone to show all apps that are running
    2) Swipe to close the robot controller (the only app we usually have running)
    3) Disconnect robot controller from REV
    4) Power down REV
    5) Close the driver station app the same way
    6) Power on the REV
    7) Connect the robot controller to the REV
    8) Wait for the robot controller app to fully initialize
    9) If it is stuck (gotten an error of some sort), repeat steps 1 through 4 and then 6 and 7, proceed to 10
    10) At this point, the robot controller app should be running
    11) Start driver station app
    12) If necessary, re-pair the phones

    Usually our phones go days without restarting (usually only restart when we test too much and the robot controller phone runs out of battery and powers down) and they have been working fine.


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      Interesting. When we tried that, it didn't work for us.