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  • Super Newbie needs step 1, step 2, etc...

    I was eager to help my school get a start in FTC because it's exactly the kind of thing I like to do in my after-school time. However, I have been unable to find clear and concise setup instructions that help me figure out how to connect the controller to the phone, that phone to the other phone, the other phone to the power distribution center, etc.

    I was hoping to find a PDF with instructions that would help me through that process but so far I have not had any luck. I am not looking for how to build a robot. Rather, how to get the control pad to make a motor turn, a servo move, a sensor to report something useful back to me, etc.

    If such a document exists, can someone please direct me to it?

    I have a group of kids eager to get started but all I have right now is boxes of stuff we do not know how to use.



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    I believe this used to be part of the SDK download but is now separate:


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      Also, the Pushbot build guide covers a lot of what you're looking for:


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        Even though it is a bit old, I would recommend the video in my description (Introduction to the FTC Android Platform). It should help you with a lot of the basics. Let me know if you have any questions!
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          I'm not sure how far you've gotten, but the best instruction I have found for setting up the ZTE Speed (if that's what you're using) is Phibot's video:

          Once you have the phones set & able to connect, I would suggest the Intelitek training:
          Unfortunately, these have not been updated for the new SDK this year, so you may not want to do the programming sections. But they should get you going as far as making the actual connections between the electronics modules/phones/gamepads. That part hasn't changed this year.

          For an introduction to FTC programming with Android Studio, I would go back to Philbot's videos starting here:
          He has a series of 3 videos to get you going. They were made when the SDK was beta, but it's still pretty similar & you can read about changes since then here on the forums.


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            This was super helpful for me.