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Bad Motor Controller

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  • Bad Motor Controller

    I'm a rookie coach and we have connected all of our motor controllers and servo controllers to the power distribution module and the Robot Controller. We have done this separately so we can record the serial number on each controller. However, we have 1 motor controller which when connected, the power doesn't immediately go on like the on the others until I wiggle the plug, it will then go on and off - maybe a short or bad Anderson plugs?
    So, once I get the power to stay on, and attempt to run the Scan on the robot controller, it isn't recognized, but all of the other controllers do.

    Can someone tell me whom I would need to contact to correct the issue.
    Thank you

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    If you believe you have a bad motor controller, you probably should contact tech support at Modern Robotics via email:

    They also have a troubleshooting guide here:


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      Thank you - we followed the troubleshooting guide and did a diagnostic - i contacted Modern Robotics and they want us to send it back.
      Thanks for the help!