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Determining the Health of REV Robotics Slim Battery

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  • Determining the Health of REV Robotics Slim Battery

    If you test the health of a new REV Robotics Slim Battery with a Battery Beak, the "Beak" will report a health of Fair to Bad. Apparently this is because the Beak is calibrated for the Tetrix battery which has lower internal resistance thresholds than the REV battery.

    A REV Battery that reads less than 170 mOhm when new is considered to be in good health. REV Robotics is working on providing internal resistance thresholds for Good, Fair, and Bad REV batteries.

    REV Robotics suggests that "the best practice for tracking the health of every battery is to note the internal resistance when the battery is new, and then monitor the change in that resistance over time and when it increases measurably, discontinue the use of that battery or only use it for practice."

    Make sure the Beak is configured for NiMH, 12V, 3 Ah when testing the health of a Tetrix or REV battery.

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    We use several metrics to determine battery health. Nominal internal resistance, charged capacity and delta peak cut off voltage. Of all these the internal resistance is the least reliable means to determine battery health unless it's a real dud.
    Do REV provide a maximum current rating for their battery? I suspect it would be lower than the TETRIX one since internal resistance plays a big role in that.


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      Hi, I'm from REV Robotics and I'm happy to answer any questions regarding our FTC legal Slim Battery!

      The cells in our pack are rated for a maximum 30A discharge, but of course the pack is protected by a 20A inline fuse as per FTC rules so it has a recommend maximum <=20A discharge rate.

      For the fastest response to questions regarding the Slim Battery, or any other REV robotics products, please use the "contact us" button on our website. We try to monitor all the different websites that teams use, but sometimes it takes us a few days so if it's urgent please feel free to reach out directly.


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        Does anyone use a battery conditioner with their REV 12V Slim batteries? If so, what would you recommend? Batteries are a sizable investment, and we just want to keep ours as close to peak performance as we can. Thanks!