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Error: Incompatible apps

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  • Error: Incompatible apps

    When I restart the robot controller I get the message "Error Incompatible apps. Robot controller = v 11. Driver station v = 1.
    I just downloaded both apps from FIRST in the last two weeks. Anyone know what's up?

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    Bring up About in the robot controller and drive station apps. They should both be at 2.2. That's the current version on the Play store.

    Try downloading again. You may have just missed the Sept. 9 update, or that update may not have made it to the Play store the same day it was updated in GitHub.

    I will admit I just update from GitHub and install the robot controller from that. You can also install the driver station apk file via adb from the ftc_app\doc\apk folder.
    Useful for testing beta versions which don't get posted to the Play store.


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      Thanks for the advice. It worked.