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Wireless debugging with new phones (at least Moto G 3rd edition)

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  • Wireless debugging with new phones (at least Moto G 3rd edition)

    There has been discussion of how to do wireless debugging with, for example, Moto G 3rd edition phones.

    For comparison, the ZTE phones magically could stay on a normal WiFi network and do WiFi direct at the same time, notwithstanding their real or perceived other flaws.

    A guide was recently posted showing how to debug (and update the RC software) wirelessly with the Moto G, which cannot do both, by using bluetooth. This guide included a nice windows batch script (.bat file) showing how this is done.

    For Windows and linux, a WiFi Direct connection can also be established from, say, a development laptop to an RC phone.

    On a Macintosh, this is a bit trickier.

    But still doable, even though the Macs don't do the easy WiFi direct magic.

    The key is to use the new "programming" mode on the RC (or DS) phone to confirm the WiFi direct network name and password.

    Once one connects to that network from the Mac, one can follow the sort of normal path, as one would with Windows and linux:

    (with the USB cable attached to the phone):

    adb kill-server
    adb devices
    adb tcpip 5555
    disconnect the USB cable

    adb connect
    I was motivated by the fact that, while the Bluetooth connection technically seemed to work, in my case, I had frequent failures with Android Studio failing to install the updated RC app - in one case, it took over 13 minutes! just to push the updated code for an install. WiFi direct was much faster.

    The downside is that the Macs, at least, don't seem to be able to run both normal WiFi and WiFi direct at the same time, so my access to web searches, GitHub, etc, is disabled until I reconnect to my WiFi access point (and then I have to go through at least the ```adb connect``` phase above again.

    Martin Haeberli
    (de-)Mentor, FTC 7593, TigerBots