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  • Yet Another New FTC Library

    I would like to announce another FTC library; one that is simple. It's goal to is to be nimble.

    This is a back-port of the Xtensible library, that just provides the encapsulation for the OpModes and annotation based OpMode loading. You just stick your OpModes in the OpModeLibrary module, and add the TeleOp or Autonomous annotations, (or Disabled to stop the OpMode from being selected), and you are done; your OpMode will be automatically registered in the init phase of the Robot Controller app.

    This is based on the 1.7 beta release.

    Some other minor changes:
    - Gradle is version 2.11 versus 2.2.1 (the reason to upgrade to Gradle 2.4+, is this:
    - Android Gradle plugin is 2.0.0-beta-6 (to support Android Studio 2; this library is not compatible with Instant Run, the behavior of this with Instant Run will be remain to be undefined, until Instant Run is finalized)
    - package 'org.ftcteam.internal' has been added. (This contains the annonations as well as the logic to send over constant values via the Bindings class)

    You only need to change the following (if these are even present, for this library to work for you) -> Bindings.RelativeLayout()
    Absorbing the OpMode Manager for use in your OpMode -> Bindings.OpModeManager()