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Heads up - New FTC beta (v available for Android Studio & App Inventor

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  • Heads up - New FTC beta (v available for Android Studio & App Inventor

    Hi Folks,

    There is an updated "beta" branch on the FTC GitHub Repository:

    There are also updated "beta" MIT App Inventor appliances on the FTC MIT App Inventor download page:

    This release is still a beta version. It has been tested, but it has not yet been officially released. Teams should use this at their own risk. Teams should also remember that if they want to use this new version of the SDK, they should also use the new version of the FTC Driver Station app.

    The changes included with this release are listed below:

    ************************************************** ************************************

    Release 16.03.09

    * For the App Inventor, users can now download from the App Inventor server the matching version of the FTC Driver Station app (.APK file).
    * Changes made to make the FTC SDK synchronous (significant change!)
    - waitOneFullHardwareCycle() and waitForNextHardwareCycle() are no longer needed and have been deprecated.
    - runOpMode() (for a LinearOpMode) is now decoupled from the system's hardware read/write thread.
    - loop() (for an OpMode) is now decoupled from the system's hardware read/write thread.
    - Methods are synchronous.
    - For example, if you call setMode(DcMotorController.RunMode.RESET_ENCODERS) for a motor, the encoder is guaranteed to be reset when the method call is complete.
    - For legacy module (NXT compatible), user no longer has to toggle between read and write modes when reading from or writing to a legacy device.
    * Changes made to enhance reliability/robustness during ESD event.
    * Changes made to make code thread safe.
    * Debug keystore added so that user-generated robot controller APKs will all use the same signed key (to avoid conflicts if a team has multiple developer laptops for example).
    * Firmware version information for Modern Robotics modules are now logged.
    * Changes made to improve USB comm reliability and robustness.
    * Added support for voltage indicator for legacy (NXT-compatible) motor controllers.
    * Changes made to provide auto stop capabilities for op modes.
    - A LinearOpMode class will stop when the statements in runOpMode() are complete. User does not have to push the stop button on the driver station.
    - If an op mode is stopped by the driver station, but there is a run away/uninterruptible thread persisting, the app will log an error message then force itself to crash to stop the runaway thread.
    * Driver Station UI modified to display lowest measured voltage below current voltage (12V battery).
    * Driver Station UI modified to have color background for current voltage (green=good, yellow=caution, red=danger, extremely low voltage).
    * javadoc improved (edits and additional classes).
    * Added app build time to About activity for driver station and robot controller apps.
    * Display local IP addresses on Driver Station About activity.
    * Added I2cDeviceSynchImpl.
    * Added I2cDeviceSync interface.
    * Added seconds() and milliseconds() to ElapsedTime for clarity.
    * Added getCallbackCount() to I2cDevice.
    * Added missing clearI2cPortActionFlag.
    * Added code to create log messages while waiting for LinearOpMode shutdown.
    * Fix so Wifi Direct Config activity will no longer launch multiple times.
    * Added the ability to specify an alternate i2c address in software for the Modern Robotics gyro.

    ************************************************** ************************************