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Connecting Core Device Interface to Arduino

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    Originally posted by Michael8461 View Post
    Yeah, I probably should. Can you suggest a good kit to get me started building circuits? Preferably one that is for beginners. However, I wasn't trying to control the Arduino through the android phone. I was just trying to see if I could connect a Core Motor Controller to an Arduino, which I think would be a fun project.
    Now you are getting a little more specific. The answer to that question is, no.

    The phone does writes to the motor controller's memory space over usb to set various motor
    properties. There's no suitable method to do the same with an arduino. Or rather there's
    no suitable method without something like a usb host shield.

    But even then, you don't know the communication protocol to the motor
    controller because it has not been published. So, it's an uphill battle from
    the start.

    As to where to start? I like this series because it teaches you how to
    use an Atmel microcontroller on it's own.

    And since an Arduino's heart is the same ATMega328, it gives you a
    good foundation for then backing out and doing things the easy way
    with an Arduino itself.

    If that's not your cup of tea, browse around the SparkFun tutorial site.
    That company, along with Adafruit, and their educational resources is
    a large part of why the "maker" movement has grown as large as it has.


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      Originally posted by Ollie View Post

      I have started a maker club in a local public library. For those learning projects, I have chosen a technology that is as affordable as possible and still extendable and highly functional. That could be a good learning platform also for FTC teams.

      In past, I did purchase a lot of components from Amazon and eBay. For the robotics projects, I have observed that AliExpress is a reliable source and has extremely good prices - often with free shipments. In the Wissahickon Rover Robot we are using the following components

      - Arduino Mega $7.41
      - Sensor Shield $3.90
      - Dual Motor Driver up to 30A and 30V, $5.70

      As an example of the price anomalies, the same Dual Motor Driver is offered typically around $40 - $60 in US stores.

      Cheers, Ollie
      The aliexpress products are knockoff copies. And while the Arduino organization
      publishes all of their designs as open source hardware, if you buy from aliexpress
      you are not supporting the continued work of the Arduino team, nor are you
      supporting the time and effort that companies like SparkFun have put into the
      educational resources that provide you with the knowledge you need to use
      the products.

      I'm not saying don't buy the knockoffs, just do so knowing the tradeoffs.


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        Oh yeah, I forgot MR hasn't released a lot of things about their controllers, I've read that on the forum before. Alright, I'll take a look at some of those things, and just start playing around with them. Should be fun Thank you all so much!


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          Hi Folks

          It's totally NOT allowed for competition use (and also I don't think it's been hardened much against ESD) but if you're interested in a neat I/O module for use with an Android phone, check out the Sparkfun IO board...



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            I am surprised about your implication that Arduino team represents the good guys and that the vendors selling through AliExpress are the bad guys.

            I am very appalled for the behavior of the IDII professor Massimo Banzi how he stole the work done by his student who developed the Wiring platform based on Processing. The student, Hernando Barragán, was very willing to work with Massimo, but Massimo insisted to create a parallel solution for Wiring. Massimo's team continued to used the original development by Hernando and all the additional improvements made by him. They did this without crediting Hernando.

            In a just world, if there would be any additional fee for products coming through AliExpress, the fee should go to Hernando.

            Cheers, Ollie