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Is sliding the relic into the recovery zones allowed?

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  • Is sliding the relic into the recovery zones allowed?

    So my team plans on having the relic slide from a (think of a triangle) high point sliding down a ramp (the hypotenuse) and using that momentum to slide the relic on the ground a few more inches. I believe this is okay since a claw will let go of the relic causing it to slide down the ramp. Also, is the robot allowed to drive, stop, and let go of the relic simultaneously in order to fling the robot over the wall? I saw a few teams doing this and I believe that it is against the rules since it is a noticeable force that drive the relic forward.

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    Read the Manual rules re: placing the Relic. and then look in the Q&A since this question has been answered there.


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      The manual said dropping or placing the relic is acceptable, and where is the Q&A located?


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        Look at the top of this page. There is a tab that says "FORUMS" Click that

        Then locate the Official Q & A forum on that overview page.
        This is where questions are officially answered.


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          Here is direct link to the answer