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  • OnBotJava Programming tutorial video

    The FTC SDK has just been updated (to Rev 3.4) and it includes the latest update to the new OnBotJava programming environment.

    OnBotJava is a full blown Java development environment, that is hosted on the RC phone (instead of on your PC).
    OnBotJava has the advantage that you can program just using a browser on a Windows, Mac or chromebook.

    OnBotJava has all the speed of Blocks, with the benefit of real Java.
    All of the Android Studio "FTC Samples" are also available to use as starter programs.

    For a detailed walk-through of the setup and coding process, check out my tutorial:

    It's about 30 min long, so give yourself some time, or just watch the components in short bursts.


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    I just wanted to say, our team last year put your videos as one of the top pieces of advice for the new team coming in. You do a fantastic job and it's great having you here on the forum as well. Thank you and all the developers for all of your donated time and expertise!