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Honest opinion is this thing too incosnistent?

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  • Honest opinion is this thing too incosnistent?

    I have gotten pretty good at this setup the last week. 19 times out of 20 it works great and then all of a sudden it can't find motor controls that are clearly plugged in and worked the last run or it loses the pairing of one phone when the other phone is clearly paired. I don't see how this can reliably work in competitions or even keep the kids from getting frustrated when I clearly want to run it over with my car. Am I the only on this is happening to?

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    Sorry for the over use of the word clearly, I should have read that first.


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      It's always after a reprogram. Hook it back up to the core power module and even if I scan it doesn't see any hardware hooked up.


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        After reprogramming try unpairing and then (re)pairing the phones again

        Originally posted by ejschuh View Post
        It's always after a reprogram. Hook it back up to the core power module and even if I scan it doesn't see any hardware hooked up.
        Yes. This issue seems to surface for me as well. It is interesting that it seems to work better if during short development cycles I reload the program
        using the same name over an existing robot controller program (download FTC8927V55 over an existing version of FTC8927V55) on the robot controller android phone.
        In that case I find that the driver station configuration program (FTC8927V55) seems to remain intact and the three motor controller module names are good.

        Anyway, After reprogramming with a new program version (FTC8927V66) I find myself deleting the old app (FTC8927V55) and then installing the new
        app (FTC8927V56). I then need to generally delete the old version (FTC8927V55) of the configuration version and create a new configuration (FTC8927V56)
        and scan for each of the three motor controller modules I am using and manually type in the six motor names that I am using in my FTC8827V56 app.
        Next back to the driver station to unpair and (re) pair the phones. This sequence seems to always work for me for the three phone sets I have been working with
        for our two teams.

        Of course, at the end of a short development cycle I index my latest program to the next version (FTC8927V56 program becomes FTC8927V57) as a very crude
        version control system.

        Hope this helps,
        Marc Center FTC8927 Head Coach / Eng Mentor Royal Oak, MI


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          Please read this thread.

          There are many reasons you failed to find the motor controllers but according to your description that it happened after a disconnect/reconnect, I'd bet it is your micro USB connector gone bad. Is plugging the micro-USB into your phone feeling loose? If so, you may need to buy a new OTG adapter as discussed in the thread.