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  • final static double

    Can someone explain what final static double does or better yet teach me to fish and let me know where I can look it up myself.

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    Final: Its value cannot be changed at runtime (is read-only).
    Static: It's not "per instance", but rather is one value shared for all users of a class. It's hard to explain without reading the tutorials (linked later) first.
    double: Short for double-precision floating point. Basically, it stores a decimal.

    The tutorials I was talking about are and the entries under "Learning the Java language" at
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      Thanks, will check them out. I have been watching java tutorials all day and knew that double was a variable but didn't know the other commands. Is there any FTC reference guide, or software manual that explains all the classes, how the main loop runs, and basic commands?


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        Check out the .pdfs in the ftc_app public repository:

        in this directory:

        There is also the javadoc in the ftc_app directory; however, in my opinion, the javadoc is a bit terse, and could use much more context, examples, and explanation.

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          These videos might help:

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