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MR Color Sensor, how to enable led?

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  • MR Color Sensor, how to enable led?

    When we set ENableLed to true, the LED does not turn on. However, when it is linked to a Touch sensor being pressed, it stays on as long as the touch sensor is pressed.
    Why does colorSensor.EnableLed(true) not cause the LED to be turned on?

    We want the LED on for the sensor to work in active mode for following white line.

    For the RED alliance, we are having trouble as ODS values for red and white are very similar. Want to use color sensor instead. We think we have successfully changed the register address for one color sensor and are using the class for one sensor as shown in one of the forum posts.

    Just cant get the LED to turn and stay on.

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    This is a known bug, unfortunately not one fixed in the new release.


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      We solved this issue by unplug/replug dim, then restart robot, the led will be on and stay on after this and funtioning as it should.

      Team 9915