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Legacy Matrix Configuration with Two Controllers

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  • Legacy Matrix Configuration with Two Controllers

    Does anyone have a working Op Mode for a Legacy Matrix configuration that uses both (Two) allowed Legacy Motor/Servo controllers?

    We have a working configuration with One Matrix Controller ( 4 drive motors & 1 Servo), however, as we have little to no programming experience, we're stuck on how to add the second controller so we can add additional motors/servos.

    We thought it should just be to add another controller in the Op Mode code (with a unique name) i.e. MatrixController1 and MatrixController2, but no matter what the kids tried, they continue to get errors that the motor names connected to the second controller can't be found.

    They've checked wiring, power, etc. etc., and can "see" both controllers in the config on the phone, so it seems (to me) that it must be some naming convention issue in the Op Mode.

    This has caused our team to withdraw from a competition this weekend, so the kids are kind of bummed.

    Any help and/or advice (that doesn't involve trashing our Matrix gear altogether) would really be appreciated.

    Thanks and good luck to any teams competing this weekend!
    Michael P Clark
    Founding Mentor, FTC 9958
    "We're Hooked on FIRST"