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Update on USB Disconnect Issues (unable to detect USB modules during scan)

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  • I'm seeing total USB scan failures with the new REV Robotics expansion hub. Details, while experimenting with the hub, two motors, a servo and two sensors just wired up and sitting on a table top:

    Adding servo support. HiTEC HS-485HB servo initializes (moves to 0.5 position). Then another USB scan failure. Restart both phones: USB scan good. Servo initialized, then another USB scan failure. Made different servo initialization method.
    Servo stopped working. Try another: nope. Try another port, with change of configuration file: nope. Try the external servo sample: nope. Position report changes, but no actual servo motion. Back to port 0, with change of configuration file: nope. The motor test runs.
    Run the servo sample with no servo: no voltage on any port 0 pin, or any other servo port pin. Battery and +5V pins correct. Swap hubs, rewrite configuration file: nope. Motor test runs. No voltage on any of swapped-in hub servo pins.


    • Hi jrasor,

      If you would please write into our support email [email protected] we'd love to look into this issue with you.

      Rachel from REV


      • Thanks, Rachel! I'll write to your support people.
        Meanwhile, some info from today's logcat. Support will get this.

        1:07 re-deploy, run again to completion. Log says

        Time PID TID prior tag message

        ================================================== ==============

        13:06:35.249 6469 6639 V LynxPwmOutputController: initializeHardware() mod#=2
        ... skipped tons of blather about battery checking and garbage collection ...
        13:06:35.259 6469 6639 W RobotCore: LynxSetPWMEnableCommand not implemented by lynx hw; ignoring. It tried 4 times to do this and LynxSetPWMConfigureCommand. That is definitely no good; servo needs pulse width modulation.