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  • ADB Wireless Connection Utility

    Among the many things that seem to be more complicated this year, in regards to the new field control system, is the difficulty in creating a wireless connection between the device and the programming studio. Last year it was just a matter of opening up a connections window and clicking a few buttons. Now it requires commands through command prompt. This can be sped up by using batch files (loads of credit to Philbot for this), but that can still be a little slow at times and I kind of miss having a nice UI with clickable controls and easily viewable information about connections. So I decided to create a program that will manage the ADB connections process. This makes the connections process very easy, and once everything is configured a connection can be made in under 20 seconds which is actually an improvement over the old system!

    Loading Connection Utility v7.1
    -Easily manageable hosted network creation
    -Automatically connect devices
    -List devices that are connected
    -Helpful help files


    Video coming Soon! For now, check out this section of my getting started guide: Getting Started Guide video

    Note: some out of date virus protection software might flag it. When I ran a check of the utility on, it was only flagged by two antivirus programs, both of which I had never heard of. If your antivirus software flags it, make sure it is updated to a recent version and let me know if the issue persists.

    If you have any bugs to report, or improvements to suggest, let me know!


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    Do you have source code you can share?
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      You bet. Here it is:

      Download Zip

      It is written in Autoit whichh is a VB-like language generally used for automating windows tasks. Sorry for the poor documentation. I kind of didn't do it.



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        I had this almost written in VB .NET, but I didn't have time to finish it, so good job, but I have never heard of AutoIt, until now.


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          Yeah, it is not a very common language. But it is really easy to use, and has a great community.