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What kinds of data can be sent back to the Driver Station?

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  • What kinds of data can be sent back to the Driver Station?

    I know about the telemetry function to display data on the driver station app but what other kinds of data or feedback can be sent from the robot controller to the driver station during a match? And how would these be programmed?

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    To my knowledge, everything sent back to the DS is sent with Telemetry and with a variable. As long as the variable has a value (I'm assuming string or otherwise) it will be displayed on the DS.


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      Telemetry data is limited to 256 bytes at a time


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        I read some post about sending back live feed from the camera by using the camera preview screen this possible?


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          • It would be far too much data to send given the 256 byte limit
          • There's no place on the screen to display an image and we don't have source to the driver station
          • It would be against the rules that clearly don't want live video feeds helping drivers


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            Any data you send back must be sent through the Telemetry object, so it will be displayed as a String. You can either display more detailed information on the Robot Controller app screen or convert the data into a String (or a double) and send it through Telemetry.