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Dean's Countdown - a false start mitigator

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  • Dean's Countdown - a false start mitigator

    To mitigate early starts and the penalties and unfair play that could ensue, we are requesting a new feature for the driver's station app.

    We would like to be able to trigger a uniform recorded countdown - hopefully in Dean Kamen's voice. The benefit is that if this were to be used by teams during practice and by officials during tournament play, everyone would have a very solid understanding of the cadence of countdown and it should help to minimize early starts.

    Tournament officials could easily plug it into the PA system and by it being distributed in the driver's station app, there's a guarantee that it will be redundantly available. If they can't plug a phone into the PA, they can put a mic up to the speaker, and in the worst case, announcers can use it as a training aid to get their cadence similar. It doesn't need to be a new rule, just a recommended best practice.