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  • A few bugs?

    I have run into a problem when attempting to configure my robot with the Robot Controller app. When I enter the configure menu and select "scan" (after allowing the app to work with the USB device) the app lists exactly one of the peripheral devices that are connected to the core power distribution module. My setup is as follows:
    P0: Core Motor Controller
    P1: Core Servo Controller
    P2: Core Device Interface

    Usually only the device in the last port is shown in the list.

    On another note, when I select the "Change Wifi Channel" button, I get a message "Unfortunately, FTC Robot Controller has stopped." as the app crashes.

    Thank you for any help!
    Jaxon Brown
    Team 7203 Founding Member and Programmer

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    So after much research, I've determined it must be a bug related to lollipop. As it appears, the phone updated itself during the initial up boxing/setup process.
    I caution other teams to beware the update. I must have accidentally clicked yes, so watch out for that menu.
    In the mean time I am trying to downgrade the moto g to 4.4.4. I will let you guys know if I find a solution.
    Jaxon Brown
    Team 7203 Founding Member and Programmer


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      Hi JaxonBrown,

      There is a Lollipop bug that breaks support for multiple USB modules. However, there should be a patch coming soon for the Motorola Moto G phone that will fix this bug and allow you to use a Moto G Phone running Lollipop and the FTC Robot Controller app. I'm not sure when the patch will be available, but I believe the people at Motorola mentioned it would be released this month (September).

      I'll check to see if I can get an update on when the update is available. In the meantime, you can downgrade back to Kit Kat (there are ways to do this) but I believe it would require that you unlock the bootloader on your phone (which some people prefer not to do - it voids the factory warranty and there's a chance you can brick your phone if you are not careful).



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        Thanks Tom.
        I've been looking into downgrading. However, so far I have been unable to find a stock rom for the XT1063.
        I'll post again if I find one. In the mean time, thanks in advance for checking up on that.
        Jaxon Brown
        Team 7203 Founding Member and Programmer