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  • Android Platform Demo and experimentation

    Hi folks, I just want to share with you that at 3:30 CT I will be broadcasting a demo of the new platform and experimenting with this new awesome android system. If you have any questions or want me to show anything to the camera, please ask in the chat!

    Click here to watch

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    I notice this forum may not be that active for an eight minute heads up, the goal would have been a bit better with a day heads up. I did notice that the camera quality is not the best in the beginning, (overall dark, you could try increasing the lighting.) Our team does have with setting up a clean Windows 8.1 Pro computer with a full development environment (crazily long, 4+ hours.) Float is a single-presicion decimal (x.y), while double is a double presicon (x.yz) Source: Android Studio will automatically apply important import statements if configured to do so. If the majority of the uses of scaleInput needed to be cast into the type of float, you could/should refactor it into
    float scaleInput(float x)
    (I also like the practice a building a static class to use for doing operations like this). You can also have shown configuring Android Studio to use Git, and good VCS software development practices. Also, showing JavaDoc would have been nice. You could also have shown merging two or more expressions. So that:
    float right = throttle - direction;
    right = Range.clip(right, 1, -1);
    right = (float) scaleInput(right);
    into something like this (slightly harder to read though):
    // Create a single-precision floating point equal to an scaled variation of the 
    // {{insert why throttle is subtracted from direction}} with the range forced in between -1 and 1
    float right = (float) scaleInput(Range.clip((throttle - direction),  -1, 1)))
    Sorry that I didn't get to see this live!


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      Thanks for taking time for watching my stream! Android does take a long time to download and Yes, I had quite an old webcam so It would probably be a good idea to buy a 1080p one to stream.. I might think about doing part two when the official code is released, thanks for the definition of float I was actually wondering that for a long time And also some of my code does have doubles instead of floats so I will change that right now. I also took notes of what to say during the next one and I will also show better commenting as most of the things I have showed here does not reflect on my code style. Thanks again for watching!


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        With the signature of setting the Motor power being:
        public void setPower(double power)
        Set the current motor power
            power - from -1.0 to 1.0
        I think that the floats should be doubles. By the way, do you try to align to any official coding standards (like GNU, Google Java Style Guidelines,...)?


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          Ok and I do not alight with any standards