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  • wifi connection help

    Help. I can't seem to get the two phones to connect with wifi direct. What are the steps? In setup on the driver station, it says driver connected and robot inviting. On the robot phone it says robot connected and driver connected. When I run the two apps, I get wifi not connected.

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    When the driver station attempts to connect you should see a dialog pop up on the robot controller that informs you an "invitation" to connect has been received. Until you press the "accept" button on that dialog the phones won't establish a connection. That dialog may be getting hidden for some reason, you might have to back out of the FTC app to see it. You can also try opening "wi-fi" from the settings page on the phone, swiping open the menu from the three dots at the bottom and selecting "wi-fi direct" to see the status of the connection and any "remembered" groups from previous connections.

    If this is your first time through you may have to go to the "settings" menu on the driver station app (swipe down the three dots at the top) and select "Pair with robot controller" to establish which device you are trying to connect with. Once this is done the connection should be more or less automatic each time you launch both apps, providing you can see the "invitation" pop-up on the robot controller.

    Hope this helps


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      That was a tremendous help. Thank you.