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Programming before receiving sets

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  • Programming before receiving sets

    Hello all,

    Our team has started to learn java through this Youtube playlist, and started to play around with the 2 phones that have the apps on them. We have not yet recieved our power module. Is there anyway we can still program the phones to do something even without the module?

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    You can turn on a mock hardware option that let's you program without the real hardware.

    In, look for the following line and change the false to true:
    private static final boolean USE_MOCK_HARDWARE_FACTORY = true;
    See the details on GitHub where I turned that on and copied the K9 tele op to make my own tele op mode: MockTeleOp.

    You can hook up a game pad to the driver station (if you hve the right USB connector cable) and have it 'control' the mock robot. The driver station shows you the game pad values, which you can then respond to in your tele op program. ie. button presses, joy stick moves, etc.

    You can also program the phone sensors and display the values returned. I did that for all the ZTE sensors by setting up OpModes for each sensor to display the sensor values as telemetry on the driver station: