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Rooting the ZTE Speed

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  • Rooting the ZTE Speed


    Are we allowed to use rooted phones, phones with custom ROMS, or phones that have the firmware tampered with in any way? If so, has anyone found info on how to root the ZTE Speed? It's got a lot of bloat, and at the very least we'd like to root it so that we can clean it up a little bit.

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    Are you familiar with using fastboot to unlock the bootloader and flash a custom recovery, which will let you flash SuperSU? I don't have a Speed yet, so I haven't tried it.


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      I recommend against it, rooting Androids usually tends to make it unstable, and if it failed during a match, there would be nothing you could do about it. Cleaning up the bloat won't really help you that much unless for some reason its actively requiring the processor to be used.


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        Hi Folks,

        I don't know what the Game Design Committee's ruling will be on rooting the Android devices, however, for the ZTE Speed I do not recommend rooting them. We have been testing the ZTE speeds for some time now and for the FTC-related applications they work well. We do not require root access to the device. We have a special app that we will make available to the teams that allows teams to select the WiFi Direct channel (without root access).

        If you could live without rooting the ZTE Speed, then I would recommend doing so. In my experience it has worked well and I haven't noticed any issues with bloatware or any other apps causing problems with the FTC-related apps. If you follow my instructions here (see to disable the Boost mobile data access, then you should be good to go.