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  • Placement of connector

    I saw the demo bot at the North Super Regional this weekend. I'm excited about some of the possibilities with this new platform, but we need more information to help calm everyone's fears.

    I am afraid it might be too late in the product development cycle - but one suggestion - please put the connectors for the PowerPole and USB cables on the same face of the power distribution block. That would make placement of the device simpler and wire routing easier. The one I saw had inputs off one end, power pole off the top, and USB out one side.

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    It is most appropriate to separate power and signal lines. Interference problems are common if they are placed next to one another. It is best when wiring a robot that power and signal lines not be run next to each other. I believe that in the FTC wiring guide and the NXT lockup document it is the recommended practice. Industrial practice and the National Electric Code both keep signal and power circuits separate. Some instances require signal lines of some devices be separate from other signal lines to limit undesired electromagnetic interaction.

    Please understand that I am a 50 year technician that has spent much time tracking down electromagnetic compatibility problems in low level signaling systems. I may be over sensitive in this area. In general I am disappointed in the overall wiring craftsmanship of our robots.


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      True - I agree that keeping power and signal more separated is a good thing. And I have seen some robots that are a absolute rat's nest but I have also seen some that the wire management is a thing of beauty.

      My main point is that having a single brick with wires on 3 sides makes it harder to build the robot.