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Java on NXT?

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  • Java on NXT?

    Is there any way to have a Java program written for the new hardware, work through the NXT?

    We like to have a second robot for members to practice their programming, while others are working on the competition bot. Would we need to have 2 of the legacy modules & android devices to continue doing this? If there is any way to use the NXT and Bluetooth (or Samantha) on our practice bot that would be an enormous help - I think we will really need the 2nd one since everyone will need to learn new programming skills.


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    Sadly, it doesn't seem this will be the case. The FTC SDK is designed for the Android device, so, even if you could use Java on the NXT the code you write for it would be vastly different.

    Sorry this isn't the outcome you were looking for I don't think.


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      I am in the same situation as you. My team has been using which is meant to program the NXT. I truly don't know if that would work with samantha and I have not tried. I set it up with bluetooth and it is working fine for the most part. It is a little difficult to setup and truly know how it works, but once you get it working and understand the program it is very easy to teach. Only my advanced programers are working with this as the actual language to program the robot may be different and teaching them all over again when they release more information would be extremely time consuming.


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        *Teaching all of my less experienced programers*