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External Sensor Interface?

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  • External Sensor Interface?

    How do we connect Sensors to Android Device on Robot? Is it I2C?
    How man sensors can be connected? I hope HiTechnic SuperPro is no longer there? Is it possible to connect Arduino based platforms if necessary?

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    Hi TeamAFOOFA

    The new platform will have a couple of ways to connect sensors. If you are using Legacy, NXT-compatible sensors (such as a LEGO light sensor or a Hitechnic IR Seeker V2 sensor), there is a new electronic module called the "Legacy Module" (LM) that you can use. The LM will connect to the Android device via a USB connection. The LM has six NXT-style sensor ports (I2C). You can plug in things such as a legacy NXT sensor, or a Hitechnic DC motor controller or a Hitechnic Servo motor controller into one of the six ports and the Android device will communicate to these legacy devices through the LM. You can add multiple Legacy Modules on the USB connection (using a special powered USB hub) to add additional ports. Also, the LM supports daisy-chaining of legacy NXT-compatible devices (although this feature is currently not enabled in the software user interface yet).

    Another way to connect sensors or analog/digital devices is with a new electronic module called the Advanced Sensor Module. The ASM has several digital I/O ports, analog I/O ports, some high speed I2C ports and some PWM out ports. You will be able to connect sensors and other devices to this new ASM device. You can add additional ASM devices to the USB hub to increase the number of ports available. I believe the ASM will have something like 7 digital I/O ports, 7 analog in ports, 2 analog out ports, 2 PWM out ports and an I2C bus (100kbps).