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So what's your most burning question about this new platform?

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  • So what's your most burning question about this new platform?

    Since the video asked for some feedback about what questions are out there - I'll start a thread on that.

    My top two are:
    1) Details about the Android devices - how big, type/# of connectors, etc.
    2) Details on the WiFi connectivity - is it built into the device or use a USB dongle? Which standard 802.11n? Which frequency band?

    What do others want to know?

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    How I'll it interface with the Tetrix motor controllers?


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      Using WiFi Direct - as the technology implies, will FTAs still have to make sure that there are no WiFi hotspots in use during competitions or does WiFi Direct eliminate that? If it does not, then why wasn't BlueTooth used instead of WiFi direct since the connection distance between the controller device and the robot device is very low?


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        Whats the difference in cost between this new Android setup and the old Lego kit? We're hoping to move up from FLL to FTC this year, and the cost factor is a big part of the decision. Will there be "Moving Up" scholarships this year?
        Jim Bates
        Atlantic County NJ 4-H Robotics
        FLL Teams 71 & 13365
        FTC Team 9765