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    Proper Center Goal Rotation Positions

    Originally posted by FTC7953
    Page 19 of the Field Setup Guide shows center structure rotation #2 with the long edge of the center structure base being parallel with the side of the field perimeter, implying that it is not a 45 degree rotation from rotations #1 and #3. However, in the newly released Version 1.5 of the Setup Guide, the final page describes the #2 sticker as being a 45 degree rotation, introducing some confusion and uncertainty about the #2 rotation.

    Can you clarify? Does the #2 rotation position of the center structure have the long edge of the structure base parallel to the field perimeter as shown on page 19 of the Field Setup Guide (and thus not 45 degrees from positions #1 and #3), or has the #2 position changed to be 45 degrees from positions #1 and #3?

    A: The template that is now part of the Field Assembly and Setup Guide is the correct reference. The #1, #2 AND #3 rotation positions are at 45 degree intervals from each other. The text description on page 19 does not currently match the pictures on page 19 and both will be updated in the next release of the Field Assembly and Setup Guide.
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      Originally posted by FTC8538 View Post
      We believe that the latest revision of the Field Setup Manual introduces a discrepancy. Page 19 implies that the correct setup for position 2 is when the long edges of the center field base are parallel to the tile borders and to the long dimension of the ramps. This puts the IR beacon pointing at the 30 cm rolling goal, or about a 60-degree counter-clockwise rotation from position 1.

      The new schematic for "LR15 - Number 2 Sticker Placement" shows a rotation angle that is 45 degrees from position 1. With that rotation, the long edge of the center field base will not be parallel to the tile borders or to the long dimension of the ramps, and the IR beacon will point at the 90 cm rolling goal instead.

      Could you please clarify which rotation is correct?
      Please see the most current version of the Field Assembly and Setup Guide, as this question has been addressed in version 1.6 of the manual.


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        Rolling Goal Starting Positions

        Originally posted by FTC4200

        We have a question regarding the exact position of the rolling goals before the start of autonomous. We cannot find any published information regarding specific dimensions of the location of the goals. We are looking for how far off the wall each goal is in order to accurately program autonomous. Can anybody help?

        Thank you,
        X-Squaed Factor
        Team 4200

        A: The rolling goals start in the approximate center of the tiles as indicated in the Field Assembly and Setup Guide


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          Multiple Competitions Simultaneously

          Originally posted by FTC4969
          Is there any rule that restricts a single FTC team to simultaneously participate in two separate competitions (say, a qualifying event in one state and a championship event in another) at the exact same time if their team has enough members? We have two robots that we could theoretically use at two separate events at the same time. I see nothing barring this, and it would give some of our team member valuable experience.

          Rule <RG01> prohibits this. The rule states that only one robot will be allowed to compete per registered FIRST Tech Challenge team.


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            Originally posted by FTC8390

            Are the Bill Of Materials requirements for this season the same as they were last season? I ask because I noticed that the paragraph describing the Bill Of Materials in last season's Game Manual in rule <RG02> has been removed in this season's manual, and there is no BOM template provided on the FTC game page like there was last season.

            Thanks in advance for your answer.
            A Bill of Materials is required if you are using components outside of the Tetrix or Matrix kit of parts.


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              Picking Up Game Controllers

              Originally posted by FTC5414
              We are looking for clarification on when the controllers should be picked up for the driver controlled portion of the match.

              We have encountered different rules at various competitions that we have attended. At some events the refs will not allow the drivers to pick up their controllers until the buzzer sounds for the begining of the driver controlled period. At other events, including super regionals and the world championship last year, the ref would give all the drivers a chance to pick up their controllers and then he would signal for the driver controlled period to begin.

              Which way is correct?

              team 5414

              A: Different events have different rhythms to their matches. You should always follow the direction of the field/tournament officials at your event. If you are concerned about the timing at a particular event, ask the question during the captains meeting prior to the start of competition.


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                Electronic Engineering Notebook

                Originally posted by FTC4290
                Electronic notebooks are allowed per Game Manual Pt. 1 Section 5.3: "Electronic/Online: Teams may choose to use electronic or online programs to create their Engineering Notebook. For the purposes of judging, teams must print out their Engineering Notebooks and place them in a binder, no larger than 1.5”. All pages must be numbered and in order. Only one copy is required per team."

                Would printing out the "cards" from an industry electronic documentation and project management tool meet the requirements for a notebook?

                Thank you.
                Thanks for your question!

                Printed copies of electronic Engineering Notebooks are permitted, including those that are created with a project management or collaboration tool. Your team should be sure to include all of the the required components that are outlined in the Game Manual.
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                  Advancement Critera and Awards

                  Originally posted by FTC5873
                  In the Game Manual Part I, section 8.2 "FTC Award Eligibility" says in part,
                  To ensure fairness to all teams and to provide equal opportunity for all teams to win an award at an FTC Championship
                  tournament, teams are only eligible to win an award at the first three Championship tournaments that they attend.
                  Those teams who compete in more than three Qualifying Tournament, League Championships, and Championship
                  tournaments do so for the purpose of being involved in the fun and excitement of the tournament and not with the
                  intention of winning awards or advancing to the next tournament level.
                  Is it correct to say that teams that have participated in three Qualifying Tournaments are ineligible to receive any judged award at subsequent Qualifying Tournaments?

                  Is it correct to say that a team which is participating in its fourth Qualifying Tournament will not earn advancement to that Region's Championship from this fourth Qualifying Tournament, regardless of their team's on-field performance or recognition by the judges?

                  Does either answer change if the Qualifying Tournaments are in different Regions?

                  Thanks for the great questions!

                  The limits apply at every level and are based on the event the team would advance to. A team could conceivably compete at 3 Qualifying Tournaments in New Jersey and still be eligible for advancement or award consideration at a Qualifying Tournament in Pennsylvania. Further, a team could win the Inspire Award at Qualifying Tournament or League Championship in New Jersey, and still be eligible for consideration of that award at a League Championship or Qualifying Tournament in Pennsylvania.

                  At a State or Regional Championship level, the same guidelines apply. A team could be eligible for awards and/or advancement at 3 State or Regional Championships within an area covered by the East Super-Regional, and would remain eligible for awards and/or advancement at a State or Regional Championship within an area covered by the North, South or West Super-Regional. A team who has already secured a spot at a Super Regional must declare which Super Regional they plan to attend - a team may not advance to multiple Super Regional events.
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                    Visible LED lights on team spirit items (hats, clothes, necklaces)

                    Originally posted by FTC8629
                    Our team would like to make sure we are allowed to have LED lights (visible, NOT IR) on our spirit wear that our team would wear during the tournament, judging and drivers/coach would have them on at the field also. Examples would be on hats, necklaces, clothes, etc... They have no connection to the robot or game in anyway...purely for decoration and fun. They could also be turned off if deemed a distraction by the referees.


                    A: These decorations are allowed. However, like you said, if the Referee or other lead field personnel deems them to be a distraction, you will be directed to turn them off.
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                      Driver/Coach Role-Swapping

                      Originally posted by FTC2827

                      we were wondering: if, during a match, a driver and a coach put their controllers on the ground and swapped badges/lanyards, couuld they swap roles?


                      A: No. Once a drive team has reported to the field, they must remain in their roles. Per <T2>, roles can be swapped in between matches, but not during a match.


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                        Judging Sessions at the World Championship

                        Originally posted by FTC6081
                        We're working to adjust our presentation after Super Regionals. It would be extremely helpful to know how long the judging sessions will be at Worlds. Can you please provide guidance? At some competitions there is a specific time allowed for the presentation, with a few more minutes reserved for questions. Will this be the case at Worlds? If so, how many minutes will be allowed for each section?


                        FTC 6081 i squared r robotics
                        Hello i squared r robotics! Congratulations on your advancement to the World Championship!

                        Teams will have 20 minutes with the Judges, and it's up to teams to decide how to spend that twenty minutes.

                        Good Luck!


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                          Field Treatment with Antistatic Spray

                          Originally posted by FTC8045
                          Will all FTC Super-Regionals be required to use the recommended anti-static spray on the competition and practice fields?
                          The Super Regional events and the World Championship will use the recommended anti-static spray.