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    Originally posted by 2010FTC0072
    Not sure where to post this question, sure you will move it to the right forum. The Definitions define the Driver as a pre-college student team member...
    This definition might be a little vague for the types of students that participate in FIRST. For Example, some students have run out of math classes at their high school and are taking a college class at the local community college, is that example still pre-college? There is a new program started out in our area where the students are still considered and registered in the High School District but they take classes part-time through the the local community college, their 'school' is located on the campus of the college. At the end of their high school career, they will have their AA degree too. So is pre-college defined as registered in a high school or high school home school equivalent? If they are taking college classes in conjunction with high school is that still considered pre-college?

    A: If they are still enrolled in a high school program and have not received their high school diploma (or home school equivalent), they would be considered pre-college - regardless of whether they are taking college courses during their last years of high school or not.
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      Ad hoc networks at tournaments

      Originally posted by 2010FTC0135
      On page 18 of game manual, under the heading Internet/Wireless Network Access: Teams may not setup a wireless computer network for any team computer to the adhoc wireless connection set up for the Samantha module considered in this rule?
      Ad hoc wireless connections/networks are not allowed at tournaments. The purpose of this rule is to avoid conflicts with the tournament supplied wireless routers and potential disruptions to matches.

      Teams are required to use the tournament provided router named FTC_PIT to communicate with their Samantha modules.

      Additional allowed options for robot practice and testing at tournaments are Bluetooth and USB cable tether.


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        Announcing the points scored during the autonomous period.

        Originally posted by 2010FTC0199
        Do the referees and/or the scorekeeper and/or the announcer announce to the audience, or at least to the drive teams, the totals for the autonomous period, before the start of tele-op?
        FTC tournaments pack a lot of activity into one-day. We usually don't take the time to calculate and announce the points scored during the autonomous period in order to save time.


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          Originally posted by 2010FTC0199
          Then do the refs call out the scoring information (baton positions, robot positions, and number of batons dispensed) to the scorekeeper out loud, so the drive teams can hear? (If not, it seems there is little or no chance to correct any autonomous period scoring errors. Last year we saw refs sometimes failing to count the 5 or 10 points for emptying one or two ball chutes, for example.)
          The only provision for challenging rulings or scoring happens AFTER the match is completed. There is no provision for challenging/correcting during a match.

          Per <T1>.b questions about a match should be "brought forward by one student drive team member ... within the time period of two (2) matches following the disputed match."


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            Alliance Selection of Third Team

            Originally posted by 2010FTC3539
            Alliance selection of third team - During alliance selection at some of the larger qualifiers (more than 20 teams) with three alliance partners, I have seen the organizers have the selection of the third team on an alliance go in reverse order to the selection of the second team of the alliance, such that (in the last round of alliance selections) the fourth-ranked captain picks first and the first-ranked team picks last. Is that a violation of Rule 3.6.7?
            Yes, the alliance selection order described in your post is not correct. The Alliance Selection order for tournaments with more than 20 teams is:

            1 --> 2 --> 3 --> 4 --> 1 --> 2 --> 3 --> 4

            See section 3.6.7 in the Get Over It! game manual for complete details.


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              Team Cell Phone Use During A Match

              Originally posted by 2010FTC3231
              At the World championship in St. Louis will it be legal for the drivers to be talking to someone in the stands over a cell phone?
              No, talking to someone over a cell phone during a match would violate the 3-person Drive Team rule <G2>.


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                Logitech Gamepads at Tournaments

                Originally posted by 2010FTC0293
                In the “Get Over It” kickoff video, John Toebes indicated that the tournament organizers would be providing the game controllers for the tournament competition field. Is this the way the events are actually being run? Is it permissible for a team to provide its own game controllers? Not only has our team placarded our controllers to indicate the button functions, but our software has been tweaked to reflect the fact that our joysticks’ terms have drifted a bit out of center.
                Yes, tournament organizers provide the Logitech gamepads for the competition playing field(s).

                Teams are required to use the tournament supplied gamepads.

                Recommendation: Differences in joystick zero points between gamepads can be overcome by adding a joystick deadband to your software.


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                  Originally posted by 2010FTC2827
                  In previous years, walky talkies and other portable radios were prohibited during the tournament. This restriction appears to have been lifted this year. Are team members permitted to use walky talkies, so long as rule <G2> is not violated as per Post #7?
                  Any use of portable radios/walky-talkies in/around the competition area would violate <G2> and is not allowed.


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                    Originally posted by 2010FTC3539
                    Would it be permitted for teammates(excluding the drive team), to be in radio communication with each other. This would give no communication between the drive train, and those in the stands. Is radio communication between team members who are not in operating the robot permitted?

                    A: Use of radios/walkie-talkies are not allowed anywhere in the facility.


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                      Originally posted by 2010FTC4408
                      We have been using Ad hoc and will compete in our first tournament next week. We currently use the usb connection to our laptop when we are in Adhoc. How will we run the joystick at the tournament? Do we connect the joystick to our laptop and then connect to a wireless?

                      Teams are required to use the wireless computer network provided by the Tournament Organizers or venue for all robot communication. This includes a Field Control System (FCS), game pad controllers, and communication hardware. You should bring your computer and game pad controllers for your use in the practice field, however you must use the computer network that the Tournament Organizer has set up. You may NOT use an Ad Hoc network in the pits.


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                        Alliance Captains

                        Originally posted by 2010FTC3539
                        Can an alliance captain decline to join an alliance, but later accept an invitation from another alliance captain?

                        For example, take this situation:
                        Captain 1 picks Captain 3, Captain 3 declines. Can Captain 2 pick Captain 3? Section 3.6.7 makes it clear that teams who are not captains can't decline an invitation and then later join an alliance, but the question has to do with captains having won the right to play together. This question comes up because many schools have multiple teams and if they have both made it as captains and want to play together, the question is whether they can, or if Captain 1 should always go down the line asking Captain 2 and Captain 3 to join as alliance partners as a defensive strategy.

                        No, an alliance captain cannot join a different alliance once they have declined an invitation from another alliance. Declining an invitation means that the alliance captain wants to remain an alliance captain. The appropriate ruling is from 3.6.7: "If a team declines, they CANNOT be invited into another alliance, but are still available to select their own alliance if the opportunity arises."


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                          World Championship Pit Dimensions

                          Originally posted by 2010FTC3529
                          What are the pit dimensions for the World Championship tournament? I see from FLL World Festival that their pits are 10 x 10 and they have a small table; are FTC pits the same?
                          The FTC pits are 10 ft x 10 ft with a small table and power. The team pit area will not have chairs.


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                            Competition Field Spacing at the World Championshipo

                            Originally posted by 2010FTC3947
                            Q1: How far apart will the competition fields be during the World Championship in St. Louis?
                            Q2: Could there be an issue with picking up IR interference between fields?
                            A1: The distance between adjacent playing fields will be at least 9 ft.
                            A2: No, the signal strength diminishes significantly beyond 12 ft. from the IR Beacon.