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    Bridge Entanglement

    Originally posted by 2010FTC3485
    If during autonomous mode something, like say the rolling goal, lands under the unbalanced bridge is the team responsible for removing it? And will they be penalized during the end game if they do not?.....We would appreciate your clarification on this rule.
    A: Teams that push a goal under a bridge during autonomous mode will not be penalized at the end of the match. Teams from either alliance have the opportunity to clear the offending goal during the 2 minute teleoperated mode.
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      Baton Possession during Autonomous

      Originally posted by 2010FTC3785
      During Autonomous, we usually unload 15 batons into the middle of our robot. The batons typically fall out through the bottom of our robot once it moves away from the dispenser.
      Q1: Sometimes the automonous perioed ends before we can move backwards and the batons drop out, is this a penality for possession?
      Q2: If our first motion after automonous is to move away and the batons drop out, can we assume that there is no penality for possession?
      A1: No, provided that the first action during the Driver Controlled period is to remove the excess batons from the robot.
      A2: Yes.
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        Pushing Rolling Goals Under Bridges During the Autonomous Period

        Originally posted by 2010FTC2859
        Can teams push rolling goals underneath bridges in autonomous mode without penalties?
        Yes, penalties for this action are not assessed during the autonomous period.
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