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  • The Engineering Notebook

    Please reply to this post to ask a question about the Engineering Notebook.

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    Originally posted by 2010FTC0965
    5.7 Scanned copies of award-winning Engineering Notebook examples are posted on the FIRST Tech Challenge website.
    Where? I couldn't find them.

    The Psychotic Strawberryz of Oregon have generously offered to share their Award Winning Engineering Notebook with other teams. Their notebook is linked here:
    There are several useful sites on the web that cover best practices for professionals who keep an Engineering Notebook as well.
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      Originally posted by 2010FTC3053
      Will the notebook effect us in any way outside of the Judge's awards? Due to our limited time we feel that spending time on designing and building our robot is more useful than time spent writing about stuff we've already decided and moved on from. However, we don't want to lose any opportunities/points (outside those explicitly needing a notebook) when we're competing in matches.

      The Engineering Notebook does not directly affect match outcomes. At a tournament, the only direct consequence of NOT submitting an Engineering Notebook for judging is loss of eligibility for the Inspire, Rockwell Collins Innovate, PTC Design, and Think awards.

      The Engineering Notebook documents the engineering design process and the team's activities throughout the season. These activities may relate to the judging criteria for the Connect and Motivate awards. Teams without Engineering Notebooks will need to convey to judges their accomplishments in other ways; in order to be considered for these two awards.

      The FTC program provides age appropriate, real world experiences for high school aged students. Working with mentors, engineering design, building, writing software, community outreach, fund-raising, maintaining an Engineering Notebook, etc. are all real world activities that we encourage teams to perform. Omitting the Engineering Notebook and other non-robot activities may not directly affect match outcomes, however, they may reduce the beneficial, lifelong impact of the FIRST experience.


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        Originally posted by 2010FTC4129
        I understand a notebook must be submitted in order to be eligible for the Inspire award, which allows a team to continue on to the next tier of tournaments (e.g.: one of the two levels of championships). But how important is the "completeness" of the notebook to actually getting the award? In other words, to what extent does the notebook influence the judges' decision as to whether a team receives the Inspire award or not, relative to other factors like robot performance/design, team spirit, and everything else a team is judged on?

        A: Yes, the notebook is important. See answer #3 below.


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          Electronic Vs. Handwritten Engineering Notebooks

          Originally posted by 2010FTC4697
          It seems that the criteria for the notebook stresses a handwritten notebook over the electronic version. Is one format favored over the other in the context of judging?
          No distinction is made between handwritten and electronic Engineering Notebooks during judging. Judges are looking for content.

          Teams using electronic Engineering Notebooks are reminded to printout their Engineering Notebooks and place them in a binder that is no larger than 1". Further, all pages must be numbered and in order.


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            Engineering Notebook Binders

            Originally posted by 2010FTC3491
            Our team uses signed printouts from an electronic notebook in a 1" binder. After 5 months of entries, the binder is very full. We are about to start our final redesign before World Festival. We know we're not suppose to remove pages once they are in the notebook, but we don't know how to fit another three months worth of entries in the 1" binder. Suggestions? Would we be allowed to hand in a 1.5" binder at Worlds?
            Binders greater than 1" are not allowed. However, there is nothing in the rules that prevent teams from submitting more than one 1" binder for judging.


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              Are we allowed to bind our engineering journal?

              Originally posted by 2010FTC2864
              We are participating in the FTC World Championship in a couple of weeks. Our team has an electronic engineering journal. For the World Championship, we are thinking of getting our engineering journal bound. Is binding allowed? And if so, is there a special format for getting the journal bound? Right now, we have our journal entries printed out and placed in a 1" binder.
              Binding the engineering notebook is allowed, provided that the binding is 1" or smaller.