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  • Robot Inspection

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    Robot Sizing Box

    Originally posted by 2010FTC2843
    Is it necessary for a robot to be in a wheels down orientation in the sizing cube? In other words, does the robot need to start in the same orientation (it would be in the same configuration) as it fit in the sizing cube?

    Thank you,

    Yes, the sizing box is used to verify that the robot remains within the 18" x 18" x 18" cube while in its starting configuration.


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      Motor and Servo Controller Power LED's

      Originally posted by 2010FTC3485
      Do the lights on the motor controls have to be seen for matches....(just clarifying)?
      No, however, it is good practice for the power LED's on the controllers to be visible. They help the Field Technical Advisor diagnose unexpected robot behavior during a match.

      Rule <R13> requires that the NXT Controller and the Samantha WiFi Communication Module be accessible and visible by competition personnel. Check the Game Manual for complete details.


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        Software Inspection - ROBOTC

        Originally posted by 2010FTC0118
        During Software Inspection at a scrimmage our team was told that our NXT firmware v7.97 must be upgraded to v7.98 or higher. We were told we must update our ROBOTC in order to do this. When we downloaded RobotC for FTC Version 2.26 it upgraded our firmware to v8.23, is this version alright?

        Also not sure if you can help with this but when we try to open a ROBOTC program by double clicking on it gives us an error message "Error occurred #15 - Missing License File: Make sure you have downloaded your license file and that the license file is in the same directory as the ROBOTC application". We can open files by going into ROBOTC and selecting open.

        Team 118
        1) Teams are required to use ROBOTC version 2.03 or higher. Teams are encouraged to use the latest release of ROBOTC for FTC teams. The current version is 2.26 and it is located here:
        2) ROBOTC firmware version 7.98 or higher is allowed. The ROBOTC program contains a copy of the current firmware. Teams should always update their NXT with the included firmware when installing a new version of ROBOTC.
        3) ROBOTC programming questions should be posted on the ROBOC forum found here:


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          Sizing Box

          Originally posted by 2010FTC4487
          When we are sizing the robot, the arm drops without power. will the power be on during sizing?
          Teams may turn-on robot power and execute their autonomous program for robot sizing.


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            Originally posted by 2010FTC4193
            Rule <I5>f talks about a warning sticker. The robot fits comfortably into the sizing cube in a power-OFF condition, but it does move servos slightly upon initialization. If we plan to have it sized while turned off is the warning indicator required? Would it be a best practice to have the warning indicator any way even if not required?

            A: Per Rule <I5>f, "If the Robot Initialization Routine does move the servos prior to the official start of the match, there must be an indicator on the robot of this fact." So the sticker IS required if the servos move in any way.


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              Originally posted by 2010FTC3525
              With respect to <R4>b, Robots may expand beyond their starting size constraints after the start of a match, are there specific constraints in place like last year? The reason I ask is that our team was to a practice scrimmage yesterday where we also participated in a practice inspection and the inspectors had rules stating that the robot couldn't expand more than 10" out and 10" high or something along those lines. I've looked through the game manual and the forum and haven't found anything. If there are additional sizing constraints after the start of the match, where do we find them?

              A: There are no size constraints placed upon the robot after the start of the match. Please make sure no other rules are broken if you expand too far (i.e. Rule <R3> and <S2>)


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                Toggle Switch

                Today we attended a scrimmage. Our team uses submini Toggle switches from Radio Shack with protoboard. The Radio Shack part number 275-0613. Here is a link to the product on the website.

                We were advised to explicitly get approval for use of these switches.

                Could you please clarify whether use of these switches is permitted.

                The toggle switch is legal provided it is used with the prototype board.


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                  Originally posted by 2010FTC4024
                  According to <R5> c. 22.: "Electrical tape and/or heat shrink tubing used only for insulation of electrical connections."
                  Our motor wires tend to disconnect from the motors during the match. Would we be in violation of this rule if we used electrical tape to secure the wires to the motor?

                  Your wires to the motors should be secured in some other manner rather than electrical tape. You may use electrical tape around those connections to insulate them properly to prevent shorts.