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  • Tournament - Answers

    Answers to your questions about Tournaments will be posted here.

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    Originally posted by FTC4494
    What is the intent and purpose of the last portion of rule <T1>c ? Why would team members be prohibited from trying to determine scoring?
    A: The intent of the rule is prevent team members from getting on the field to interfere with the scoring by the referees.


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      Ranking Point Confusion

      Originally posted by FTC4225
      Our team is confused on the definition of ranking points. It appears as if the teams on both the winning and losing alliance receive the same number of ranking points unless one of the alliances suffered a penalty. Is this correct?

      Could you please clarify the distribution of Ranking Points based on the following scenario:
      Red Alliance has 50 points scored plus a 5 point penalty
      Blue Alliance has 45 points plus a 20 point penalty

      A1: Yes, you are correct. Both alliances will receive the same number of ranking points equal to the score of the losing alliance if there were no penalties.
      A2: In your scenario, the Red Alliance won the match 45-25. Red Alliance teams would get 2 Qualifying Points (QPs) and 45 Ranking Points (RPs). Blue Alliance teams would get 0 QPs and 25 RPs.


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        Qualifier Host Team Definition

        Originally posted by FTC4225
        The "Qualifier Host Team" is listed as the highest priority team for advancement in competition levels (Qualifiers, Championship, and World Championship). How is this defined?

        A: For those regions and/or states with a large number of FTC teams, the Affiliate Partner (AP) may decide to have Qualifying Tournaments leading up to the state or regional championships. Many APs look to school FTC teams to host these qualifiers in exchange for a bid to the state or regional championship. There are other requirements that these teams must do as well in order to receive the bid. Contact your local Affiliate Partner for more information about qualifying tournaments.


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          Tournament - Answers

          Originally posted by FTC0712
          Can the new Logitech F310 gamepads be used for Tournaments or just the older Logitech Dual Action gamepads? Our team will be providing some equipment for a Qualifying Tournament. Thanks.
          Yes, the Logitech F310 gamepad may be used on tournament competition fields. Keep in mind that the F310 software driver isn't built into the Windows operating system. Install the F310 driver on the Field Control System computer prior to tournament day. The software driver is located on the CD that ships with the gamepad or if the computer is connected to the Internet it is automatically downloaded and installed.

          The input mode switch located on the underneath side of the F310 should be in the "D" position.


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            Tournament - Answers

            Originally posted by FTC5303
            How does my team register for the competitions? We are registered in the program, so how do we register for the competitions?
            Registration for events happens at a local level. First, check here to see where and when the events near you are scheduled.

            Some events will have a link to their registration system in the "Event Info" section (note that the Program Registration section will send you to register your team with FIRST, and not to an event registration), some will have an email address, but all should give you information on who to contact to learn more about your local events.


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              Score Sheet Review

              Originally posted by FTC4494
              Are there any provisions for teams to review their score sheets before game elements are moved after both autonomous and tele-op?

              A: No, there is no time to review the score.


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                Robot Starting Position

                Originally posted by FTC4494
                Is there any limitations on where the robot can be placed in the home zone depending on ex. red team 1 vs red team 2?

                A: No. However there is a limitation as to where the team stands in the driver’s station.


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                  Safety Glasses

                  Originally posted by FTC4743
                  We looked through the manual before ordering safety glasses, but saw nothing in two separate locations about color. After we ordered what we wanted, we found a third spot that mentioned amber, but no other colors. So we want to know if the smoke and reflective safety glasses we ordered (and already used) are acceptable for the competition.

                  Thank you.
                  Rule <T6> describes the rules for allowable safety glasses. The gist is that safety Glasses are required to be ANSI Z87.1 certified and non-shaded. Sunglasses or shaded safety glasses that reduce light levels are intended for outdoor use and are not acceptable for our indoor FTC tournament. Lenses that allow for better/brighter vision such as amber lenses are considered tinted, not shaded, and their use is allowed.

                  If the safety glasses in question reduce light levels or the packaging indicates they are sunglasses, they violate rule <T6> and are not permitted.


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                    Logitech Gamepad

                    Originally posted by FTC3947
                    What kind of controller is standard for tournament matches? We have been to a qualifying match, and they used different controllers than the Logitech Dual Action which we used. We could not use the Logitech gamepad because the configuration and some of the buttons did not work.
                    Official FTC tournaments should use the Logitech Dual Action or Logitech F310 gamepads.


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                      Team's Approval of the Score Sheet

                      Originally posted by FTC3947
                      Do we get to see our match points before we sign the sheet saying we approve of the match and scoring? We recently went to a qualifying match, and we signed the sheet before we saw the points. Does this sheet say we approve of the match and/or scoring?

                      There is no requirement or procedure listed in the Bowled Over! game manual for teams to sign score sheets. Tournament officials may require teams to validate the accuracy of the score sheet and signify this with a signature. Teams retain the right to ask the referee questions after the conclusion of the match as described in rule <T1>b.
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                        World Championship Advancement

                        Originally posted by FTC5313
                        How many US teams will be invited to the World championship?

                        Also, do you accept more people from larger states or does each state receive the same number of invites?
                        Hello! This season, 128 teams will earn their way to the World Championship Tournament. About 100 of those teams will be from the United States.

                        We advance 2 teams from most Championship Tournaments. Some states will have more than one Championship Tournament because of their size or the number of teams in the state.


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                          Originally posted by FTC3237

                          In the manual it says a team may not win the Inspire award more than once at the same level of tournament (Qualifying / State). 1) However, does it also ban them from being 2nd / 3rd place award winners at another tournament?

                          For example, if team A won the Inspire Award at the Z state Championship, thus qualifying them for the World Championship, is it still possible for them to be the 2nd place Inspire Award team at the X state championship? The manual says they are not eligible to win the Inspire Award but it doesn't say anything about being 2nd or 3rd place, which could affect which teams will advance to the World Championship.

                          2) If a team had already qualified for the World Championship from another state (let's say state Z) and they also qualified for the World Championship (being either Captain of Winning Alliance or Inspire Award winner if not won previously) from their home state (State X), does the world qualification spot from state X goes to the next team on the advancement list in the same tournament, or it goes away to the lottery?


                          Thanks for your questions.
                          1. We'll re-work the language for next season regarding the Inspire Award. A team isn't eligible for consideration for the Inspire Award if they have received it at another event of the same level.
                          2. We follow the Advancement Criteria outlined in the Game Manual to determine who will advance to World from each event. If the Inspire Award Winner and/or the Captain Team of the Winning Alliance have already been invited to World, the next eligible team based upon the Advancement Criteria will receive an invitation.
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