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Engineering Notebook - Answers

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  • Engineering Notebook - Answers

    Answers to questions about Engineering Notebooks are found here.

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    Engineering Notebook - Answers

    Originally posted by FTC5112
    My team has been collecting thier designs, notes, refelctions, and other technical details in a team blog. Can this be printed and given as the team's (electronic) technical notebook?


    Yes, provided that the guidelines for Engineering Notebooks in Section 5 of the game manual are followed.


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      Drawings in Electronic Notebook

      Originally posted by FTC3633
      How would you like drawings placed in an electronic notebook? Scanned or rough copy just placed in at the appropriate date?

      A: Either way is fine as long as it documents your thinking at that time.


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        Engineering Notebook - Answers

        Originally posted by FTC3991
        In reference to 5.3, line 1, does a three-ring binder count as a 'loose-leaf' notebook? We started our year using a small spiral notebook, and have since added several other ones, along with countless drawings and things. Are we forbidden to organize our stuff into a binder? We are not recording our meetings on individual pages of lined paper, rather, we've kept them in spiral notebooks. We want to put the several notebooks into a binder.

        A: Based on how you are using the spiral notebooks, you are allowed to organize them into a binder. Please do not use individual pages of lined paper.


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          Switching Notebook Formats in the Middle of the Season

          Originally posted by FTC4982
          Hello, I am mentoring a rookie team and we have just been to our first qualifier. We have been utilizing a spiral-bound engineering notebook up to this point, but the students have decided they would rather go with an electronic/online format for a number of reasons. We will be attending at least one more qualifier. Would there be any problem with switching to an electronic format now that the season is well underway? Is this something that we are allowed to do? We would, of course, still submit the original spiral notebook, but everything we do from this point and throughout the rest of this season would be in a separate, second notebook that we print out from our computer. I am hoping it would show that the team has learned from their experiences and is making a change in a better direction for themselves.
          Switching from a hand-written to an electronic format engineering notebook is allowed. If the spiral notebook has pre-punched holes, insert it into the three ring binder used for the printed copy of the electronic notebook. If the spiral notebook does not have pre-punched holes perform the following steps:
          1. Verify that the pages are numbered.
          2. Remove the pages from the spiral notebook.
          3. Punch holes so that the pages can be inserted into a 3-ring binder.
          4. Combine the hand-written pages with the printed electronics pages and place them all in a single 3-ring binder.